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Our indulgent organic mousses are best served thawed and served from the fridge. Many people have bent their spoons in their haste to consume its deliciousness.

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Watch our ideal serving suggestions here.
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Our Products

We hand-make delicious organic deserts, on the beautiful Gold Coast in Queensland, Australia. WIth only natural quality ingredients and no hidden nasties to bring you a dessert like no other.

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Our ingredients are all organic or certified organic.

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Plant based

Our desserts are plant based, sourced from nuts or legumes.

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protien packed

Our little cups are packed with protien, ensuring you stay satisfied for longer.

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gluten free

We are completely gluten free and coeliac friendly.

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You will not find any lactose, dairy or milk solids hidden inside.

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no GMOs

No genetically modified nasties are used in our indulgent little desserts.

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Natural, nourishing, indulgent and delicious. Try one for yourself!

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Australian made

Our amazing desserts are hand-made with love in sunny Queensland, Australia.

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refined sugar free

Natural and unprocessed sugars ensure you're treated with the right kind of sweetness.

Our Team

Our Team

We’re a small but motivated team of food enthusiasts, who work hard to bring deliciously nutricious treats to the world.

“We all share the desire, to ensure that nourishing and delicious dessert options, are available to everyone!”

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Andrej Maletic
Fearless Leader

“I love how food has the ability to bring people together, and believe that good food should always be shared.”

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Jessie Smart
Dessert Creator

“I love being apart of a business that helps to remove the guilt that goes hand in hand with indulging in treats.”

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Rachael Stamp
Treat Representative

“I love it when people go from dubious to amazed at how tasty a healther choice dessert can be ”

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Joel Andrade
Food Experimentalist

“I love being able to experiment and invent new and exciting ways to provide deliciousness to the world.”

Uses Of

Uses Of

There is more than one way to enjoy the deliciousness of goraw desserts. Check out our uses of Blog for ideas.

“Infinite ideas help us to create a unique offering of dessert creations that are as special as the mousses we sell.”

Image not availablePB Choc Loaded Sweet Toast from our blog

“Use as a topping on your toast or drizzled over pancakes to add a litte extra something to your creation. ”

Image not availableCoco Bomb Choc Chip Cookies from out blog

“Shake up your drinks and treat your friends with a dollop of goraw desserst at your next party or event. ”

Nutty Mousse Shake from our blogCoco Bomb Choc Chip Cookies from out blog

“Improve on your smoothies and protien shakes by blending in a little extra deliciouness and flavour. ”

Image not availableCoco Bomb Choc Chip Cookies from out blog

“We can help you provide plenty of alternative options to traditional frozen desserts this summer. ”

Image not availableCoco Bomb Choc Chip Cookies from out blog

“Mix it up with goraw desserts, as a protien, sweetner and or plant based thickener in your next recipe creation. ”

Image not availableCoco Bomb Choc Chip Cookies from out blog

“Bake it to create delicious winter warmers, providing you with something a little different ”