About us

At goraw desserts, we know that eating healthy takes discipline and effort, but we believe that it shouldn’t have to. We also know that sometimes eating healthy can mean tasteless, but it shouldn’t be. Worst of all, healthy usually means time-consuming, and realistically who wants to spend all their time preparing food!

We understand that convenience is important, but we know that many of the fast and convenient options available to us are filled with harmful ingredients (Fillers, MSGs, GMOs and chemically processed colours) that can be toxic to our bodies.

So with all this in mind we at goraw desserts are striving to make eating cleaner foods, tastier and more convenient than ever before.

We are proud to say that we have developed a delicious and nutritious product that people can trust and enjoy. We hope to overcome the taste stigma of traditionally ‘healthy foods’, so that even the biggest dessert junkie’s will be hooked. While still providing our bodies with the nourishment and goodness from wholesome, pure, organic ingredients. Best of all, they are conveniently packed, so you can eat them on the go, put them in the kid’s lunchboxes, use them as a post work out snack or simply enjoy them as an indulgent dessert.

We hope you enjoy our nutritious dessert range as much as we have enjoyed creating them.  In tastiness and in health,

All of us at the goraw desserts family!