We search far and wide to find only the finest, ethically sourced, certified organic ingredients.

Each dessert is hand made with love by our little team of healthy dessert enthusiasts.

We meticulously test and check each and every dessert. To ensure they are the tastiest, creamiest and most indulgent.

So that you can enjoy a guilt-free treat. That will satisfy your sweet-tooth, while nourishing your body.

We locally make all of our desserts in our Burleigh Heads HQ on the beautiful Gold Coast in Queensland.

What's Inside..


We have achieved PERFECTION in each and every cup at goraw desserts. We have spent hours, working tirelessly to find the perfect quantities and combinations of ingredients, to come up with the creamiest textures, the smoothest creams and the fluffiest raw and organic mousses available.  Each flavour has been painstakingly tried and tested to ensure the best possible results and we are proud to be able to bring you the best guilt free treats out!


Being a raw dessert, the QUALITY of our ingredients is hugely important to the texture, flavour and overall result of what we deliver. It is important to us that our ingredients have the best taste, come from ethical suppliers and are certified organic where possible (but always organic).  We personally select all of our ingredients to ensure we can provide the highest quality indulgent organic mousse out!


Food is fuel! And good food, is necessary for growth, health and wellbeing. At goraw desserts by using all natural, raw and organic ingredients in our delicious little cups, we can ensure that each time you treat your sweet tooth, you are also providing NOURISHMENT to your body.  Our decadent and creamy cashew cream mousse is a guilt-free treat that can be shared with the whole family, from kids to grandparents, without concern, question or remorse.


It is important to us that our desserts are available to as many people as possible. We all deserve access to an unprocessed treat that uses natural ingredients the way that nature intended. They full of delicious WHOLESOMENESS promoting good health and physical wellbeing.  Our desserts are gluten free and celiac friendly, dairy and lactose free, no egg, no GMO and no refined sugars.  They are plant based, so vegetarian and vegan friendly and super delicious so suitable for anyone with a sweet tooth! 


To indulge, is to enjoy the pleasure of something desirable. What is more desirable than a rich and creamy, smooth and fluffy mousse that can tantalise your taste-buds, satisfy your sweet tooth and remove the guilt that comes from treating yourself every now and again. Mastering the decadent INDULGENCE provided in each and every cup of goraw desserts is the key to making our healthy treats the best in the market and will keep you coming back to them again and again.


There is nothing worse than having a new favourite treat, that you cannot easily share with friends and family, or take with you on your next adventure! In this day in age CONVENIENCE is key, so our sweet little desserts come in a 120g single serve cup, complete with a spoon in the lid, so it is ready to go whenever or where ever you are!   No fuss, no mess, just grab and go!


We LOVE what we do at goraw desserts. We believe in our product and making better choices more readily available to all. We will always strive to improve and better ourselves, and our desserts, and to provide our customers with the best possible healthy treats around. LOVE goes into every cup and LOVE goes out to every person who buys, tries and shares our desserts and our vision for a happier healthier lifestyle.