Realli Vanilli 6 Pack


(28 customer reviews)

Realli Vanilli 6 Pack


(28 customer reviews)

Realli Vanilli – Vanilla

Realli Vanilli we’re spilling the vanilla beans. A classic vanilla cream, infused with a little hazelnut to give the perfect “oomph” of praline.

All of our organic cashew cream mousse is made with love. They are an amazing treat that will nourish your mind, body and spirit!   Best served straight out of the fridge to ensure the ultimate creaminess and texture. Who wouldn’t want an amazing little esky of guilt-tree treats, delivered straight to their door!

Sold in packs of 6, they are great for a party, to share with the family or kept in the freezer as an alternative for satisfying those late night treat cravings!

Grab yourself a pack today!

Store our desserts in the freezer for up to 12 months, however,  for the best experience they should be consumed thawed.  If consuming straight out of the freezer then allow them to thaw for around 20 minutes. Once thawed keep them refrigerated and consume within 7 days.

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They are perfect to eat on their own or as an addition to a recipe because each creamy, smooth and decadent cup of cashew cream mousse is made from ethically sourced, raw and organic ingredients. Ensuring your body receives all the nourishment and goodness from the included natural ingredients.

They are gluten free, dairy free and GMO free which makes them safe and suitable for people with restricted diets. They include low GI sugars, mono and polysaturated fats which are high in protein, making them the perfectly satiating, slow energy releasing treat that everyone will enjoy.

Our organic cashew cream mousse is the perfect addition to your next dessert creation.  You can top it, bake it, freeze it, shake it, blend it and more. Check out our recipe blog to discover new ways to use your next tub of goraw desserts today! Or check out our socials (instagram and facebook) to see what others have been creating.

28 reviews for Realli Vanilli 6 Pack

  1. Samanths

    This is my favourite desert

  2. Samanths

    Love this the best of out of all three horawa pack. Don’t like the other two flavours very much. Like the texture and the flavour of the vanilla. Would have liked 4 in a pack

  3. Hayley

    Delicious, smooth, decadent, a satisfying dessert. I would really love to see some chocolate varieties in these.

  4. Ally Tappenden

    Super delicious, which almost makes it hard to believe they are so healthy, and vegan. Choc Hype and Realli Vanilli are really taste, definitely would recommend!

  5. Claire

    Not my favourite of the mousses but still yum.

  6. Robert

    Was pleasantly surprised, so I ordered more for next time

  7. Lisa

    Different from what I was expecting but I enjoyed it.

  8. Pamela

    Yum. Good for a light breakfast. Small portion but it is definitely enough.

  9. Samantha Staszewski

    So delicious! The vanilla one is my favourite

  10. Chrisann Colaco

    Great vanilla mousse!????

  11. Samantha

    Very tasty

  12. Sheri Whyte

    Absolutely delicious. Great variety in flavours. I particularly liked the Chocolate and Vanilla. I recommend the Cherry Ripe. Very nice.

  13. Audrey

    MY favourite !!! I love this dessert and certainly will order more. Rich, creamy, tasty and just delicious !

  14. Narcis Mataruga

    Chocolate and Vanilla flavours are amazing. The other flavours are probably amazing too, I just haven’t tried them yet.


    My daughter brought these home before she left to go away for work. She only eats vegan friendly food. I ended up eating them all. So Delicious!!! Yes I did replace my daughters & got more for the rest of the family. Every flavour is So Good!! Highly recommend them for a guilt free healthy snack

  16. Samanths

    Love it

  17. Samanths

    Love this

  18. Melissa

    I order these all the time, this is my favourite flavour!

  19. Barney

    excellent healthy snack

  20. Tara

    Spilt each portion into 2

  21. Dana Vitsky

    These desserts are delicious. They’re not particularly low in calories but the really vanilla and go nuts flavours are insane! And it’s nice to know that they’re easy on your belly and not putting any nasties into your gut. Would 10/10 recommend for vegans and people who eat dairy as they’re a healthier alternative without sacrificing flavour.

  22. Melissa

    Perfect size, this is my favourite flavour in the set

  23. Faenza Hewett

    Yummy as Vegan Mousse and a bonus for me us that it’s dairy free! Realli Vannili is bomb!!

  24. Kat Baker

    So delicious! Realli vanillini is my favourite!

  25. Kazue Teranishi

    They are so yummy! I’ve got a vanilla one and was so delicious.

  26. Greta Lee

    This product tastes amazing, celiac friendly and natural ingredients. Loved the vanilla flavour

  27. Melissa

    Perfect size and hits that sweet spot!

  28. Josh Wright

    Great Mousse especially the vanilla , it has tones of hazelnut which made it my favourite. Go Raw and you’ll never go back 🙂

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