Coconut Mousse 500mls


This decadent mousse is bursting with flavour, infusing coconut cream with coconut shreds to bring you the ultimate indulgent experience!.

Our organic cashew cream mousse is hand made with love, bringing you a treat that nourishes mind, body and spirit!   Best served straight out of the fridge to  ensure the ultimate creaminess and texture.  Now available in 500 ml tubs, they are perfect for the family, a party, or an indulgent evening for one.

Our organic cashew cream mousse is the perfect addition to your next dessert creation.  You can top it, bake it, freeze it, shake it, blend it and more. Check out our recipe blog to discover new ways to use your next tub of goraw desserts today! Or check out our socials (instagram and facebook) to see what others have been creating.

Grab yourself a tub today!

You can store our desserts in the freezer for up to 12 months. However,  for the best experience they should be consumed thawed.  Straight out of the freezer allow them to thaw for around 20 minutes. Once thawed, keep them refrigerated and consume within 7 days.

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